Ever Said “We Should Open a Bar”?

When you first make that decision to open a bar (we’ve all been there) there are two options from there. You research it and go for it, or you don’t – most of us chose the latter. For the folks taking the next step, they quickly realize there is a great deal more involved than they originally thought. The first decision? Location, location, location. Second, acquiring the liquor license.

From there it’s a mixed bag of sequences. What kind of food will be served? Will it be a sports bar or only have one TV and a projector screen for the “big” games? Craft beer or commercial? High end liquor or just liquor? Do you know a good plumber? Point-of-sale (POS) system? Google “point-of-sale system”.

The décor? The furniture layout, the lighting, the bar layout…it simply goes on and on.

People who truly want to pursue this business however, have know the answers to a lot of these for years. They’re excited about the prospect of welcoming old and new friends to their establishment, listening to good ol’ singalongs during a “lock-in”. Cheering on their favorite teams or reality tv singing contestant. They are also looking forward to what will hopefully be a nice profit that grows and grows with every passing year.

The Profit

The point of a bar is to sell drinks, alcoholic or not. People go to bars to eat, sure, but they also crave that whiskey sour or pint of beer on the side and diners don’t typically serve this. So, the product in a bar is the drinks. This is no shock to anyone.

Now, like any product producing business, that product needs to be managed properly. Top quality ingrediants, reasonable prices, in general, treated like a golden nugget.

One area new bar owners or potential bar owners may not consider is the last line of defense for that nugget before touching the glass, the beverage dispensing units or liquor dispensers. So much thought and effort has gone into choosing the right beverages, now they need to be done justice in their delivery. Provargo, a Denmark based bar management system company, is aware of this and has developed the knight in shining armor of liquor dispensers, the “V4 Digipour” liquor dispenser spout. It is not just a spout, it is not just a digital spout, it is a wireless digital spout, http://provargo.com/bar-equipment/wireless-liquor-dispenser/.

The digital component helps the server measure the exact amount of liquor at the touch of the button. This liquor dispenser unit protects your product from overpour, thus protecting your bottom line and increasing your chances of that happy profit each time it is used.

The wireless component is another piece of magic. With every pour, every bottle change, every drop between bottle changes, the unit is capturing all that data and sending it to you by way of a transceiver and your Provargo cloud-based data system, aptly named ProCloud.

Investing in the best liquor dispenser measuring tools will do no harm to your new business. You will have a constant overview of bottle levels, stock levels, how each bar, department and/or server is performing.

If V4 Digipour spout functions hasn’t gotten you even more excited about opening that bar, take a look at what it looks like and learn more about Provargo and their products here http://provargo.com/bar-equipment/wireless-liquor-dispenser/ .