Inflatable Hot Tub Decking

Inflatable hot tubs are a fun addition to any home!
Not only do they provide a quick and easy way to relax and de-stress after a hard day’s work but also give you and your family a fun way to bond during the weekends or holidays, and while many might laugh at you for buying an inflatable hot tub, there are more reasons why you should get your own inflatable hot tub!

Despite the common misconception that you can’t customise your inflatable hot tub, you can actually customise your inflatable hot tub like most outdoor hot tub , although it is recommended that you use products that are friendly for your inflatable hot tub.
However, for this article we will be focusing on the decking used for inflatable hot tubs.

What is a Hot Tub Deck?

A deck is a structure you can set up next to your inflatable hot tub, however, before putting up your own deck, make sure that your hot tub is placed in a completely flat surface. If you plan to put your inflatable hot tub outdoors, make sure that the ground or area is clear of any debris such as sharp rocks, twigs, broken tiles, or you may also put a cover beneath your inflatable hot tub (most manufacturers include both a cover for your hot tub and a ground cloth when you buy your inflatable hot tub.)

Another thing about having a deck setup for your hot tub is that it makes your hot tub center the center of attention, making it even more inviting to everyone and improving your scenery. Having a deck will also prevent your guests (and even yourself) from bringing in food and other things that may leave any debris or cause a mess inside your hot tub.
Note that decks are not limited to just tables and or counters for your hot tub, it can also be a barbeque grill and many other options, however, it is not recommended to put your inflatable hot tub on any high place such as the balcony or in the second as floor of your home or apartment as the weight of the water may cause the ceiling of your neighbor to collapse.

Customization Options
You may also even combine elements from a standard outdoor hot tub to your inflatable hot tub, in fact, you can even build around your inflatable hot tub and have your own mini spa at home, you can combine so many things to the decking of your inflatable hot tub to enjoy.

Where to Buy Decking for Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Some manufacturers may include decking for your inflatable hot tubs in their lineup but are sold separately while others do not, if you find yourself itching to get your hands on your own decking, you can make your own by buying materials in your local hardware or hobby shop and build it during your free time, you can even use it as a means to strengthen the bond with your son or by having beers with a few friends during the weekend.