Massage practical effect on the body

Hot weather, dust, pollution … make your skin dull, not smooth and white light.Massage whitening properly will give you a smooth and white skin to make. Increase your charm and confidence when walking down the street.

1. The effect of massage
Massage is a type of physical stimulation that directly affects the skin, nerves, blood vessels and sensory organs, causing neurological, fluid, endocrine, and neurological changes. The dynamics of the nervous system, enhance the nutritional process and work capacity of the body. There are many different types of massage, but in any way, the massage has the same purpose of overall health care, from skin, hair to toenails, nails, to mental health. Working all day long will leave our our body so tired and that it was really uncomfortable to move, using a massage chair will relaxed the body and will leave it energized.

Massage ijoy2. Massage in combination with whitening
Massage has a practical effect on the body: care and skin rejuvenation. This method is combined with whitening creams. From there, your skin can both relax and light up thanks to the essence of the whitening cream. You will be completely satisfied when the skin is rejuvenated and bright pink. Everyone not only mind to whiten their skin, but also to have their skin relaxed and healthy that is why others loved to sit on a massage chair like this best massage chair 2018, if you happen to ask those who’ve tried it, you will be amazed by what they will say that makes you also try a massage chairs.

3. White massage procedure
– Step 1: Sauna to help the body to help tired, dull, mental relaxation. Steam helps to stimulate the sebaceous glands to function, to expel pores and eliminate toxins, to help blood circulation to the skin, making the skin easily absorb nutrients.
– Step 2: Body scrubs. Dead cells cause the skin not smooth. Exfoliate with sand salt and colostrum to remove dead skin, leaving your skin shiny.
– Step 3: After bathing, bathe with lukewarm water.
– Step 4: ; Apply a full body white mask .
– Step 5: During the incubation staff will massage and pressure head with natural essential oils to relax clients.
– Step 6: Clean, dry body.

4. The result of the white massage process
Experience white body massage, you will feel a smooth skin and natural pink color; improves skin aging, skin health and firmer; The material is used from natural and completely non-abrasive, peeling skin, not irritating the skin, absolutely safe. Skin is white from the root, less sun, for long-term effect. This process of whitening the skin will help you have a silky and smooth skin. In taking taking care of our body,  you may check out here in, a massage chair that you may use to relaxed your body. Many of young women loved to have white skin trying very hard to satisfy themselves, some other are using capsules, injection any way that will help to whiten their skin but this process is a natural way to whiten the skin, no need to spend expensive money or to undergo into treatment that sometimes will just irritate the skin leaving it itchy that turns into scars. In following this steps, its no doubt on having a smooth and white skin that you actually wish.