What’s So Great About Football?

What’s so great about a sport where men fight over a ball in a grass field?
What’s up with the drama among players on both teams and their managers?
Now, for most normal people, football doesn’t make sense.
In fact, it’s a very boring game!
Yet, football remains to be one of the most watched games today here in Stream Fodbold Live from all corners of the world – why is that?
So, what’s so great about football anyway?

Football is Life: football commands the same amount of respect among men the same way K-Drama as to women. Anything from the managers, coaches, players, history, and even the places where these football teams will play. Football is a man’s equivalent to The NotebooK; it may just be a game for many but for many men, football is peace treaty among many countries real life and it’s the only life we know (if your significant other understands the importance of football, keep him/her.) Wouldn’t it be better to see your partner watching football on a Sunday evening rather than engaging himself in other activities that may endanger him or anyone around him?

National Pride: while it may seem that football is only limited to certain countries, it’s not actually true, with the popularity of football around the world, it’s not surprising to see little leagues popping up even in developing countries! And since football season is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to cheer for your country competing against others? Even if your country didn’t win, you will still get the attention and recognition which may further lead them to better opportunities and sponsorships from major names and brands, click here.

Camaraderie and Brotherhood: let’s face it, football and men are inseparable, they go hand and hand and will never be seen apart, especially since many men start loving football at an early age. Now what many women don’t understand is why men obsess over football like a rabid dog but please bear with us, besides our girlfriends, football is our number one priority. Football strengthens the bond many men share with their fathers, brothers, and friends. Think of football night as our spa day with our friends but with less frills and glitters.

There are many more things that make football great but perhaps, one of the best things about football is the ability to unite many countries and people regardless of their race, religious affiliation, age, and even socioeconomic status (some people in other countries will even throw a feast for the whole village when their favorite team wins the finals).
In fact, some countries have reported that no crime has taken place whenever football is aired on TV, yes, football is in some way a peace treaty among many countries; heck – we can even bring upon world peace but that’s just too much work.
To the moms out there, yes we understand the importance of chores and academics, it’s also important to let your son and his friends have some fun as they cheer for their favorite team.